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Loïc Bouffard
Breathes new life into bikes and other objects and offers courses on the subject, « DIY repairing and recycling »


Loïc, 34 years old, is an archaeologist with an academic background in geology. Between trips to archaeological sites, he takes park in the collective workshop “La Brico” in Fontaine. This is one of the many bicycle self-repair workshops in the city, grouped together in an association called “La Clavette”.

The difference in this workshop is that it is not only limited to bikes but extends its broad range of expertise to all types of DIY.

“We provide the tools and skills so that any member can repair, build or create whatever they want and can then share what they know with others.”

Collective workshop "La Brico"

Maréchal Joffre street, 14 - 38600 Fontaine


The major advantage of this workshop, according to Loïc, is with regard to recycling and reuse. Furniture, seats, bike trailers, workbenches, coat stands, lamps, all types of pegs and any practical or strictly artistic object can be created from these abandoned materials.

At La Brico, Loïc learned accounting, metallurgy and soldering and carried out woodwork, carpentry, car bodywork, car mechanics, motorbike mechanics and, of course, bicycle repairs. “A cyclist with intimate knowledge about how their bike works is a sustainable cyclist: they hold the secrets to be able to deal with any problem”, says Loïc. His goal : “ensure that as many of these providential bikes as possible replace our noisy, dirty cars on our city streets.”