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Matthieu Massart
Organises training courses to better understand the mechanisms of climate change, « Better understanding for better action »


Matthieu is a teacher and speaker for the Grenoble branch of the association Fresque du Climat. Without around 300 militants, it is the most dynamic local group in the country ! After a wake-up call to the realities of climate change that he describes as “painful and frightening”, Matthieu decided to make his actions consistent with his beliefs.

After a brilliant academic and professional career taking him to the four corners of the Earth, he decided to dedicate his work in full to bringing about a change in global behaviour. “When I realised the impact of humankind on the planet, I experienced a period of cognitive dissonance. The Fresque du Climat provided me with the sense of purpose I needed to come out of shock and become an actor in the transitions that lie before us.”

Association Fresque du climat


Teaching cards, games, group discussions, etc. During these workshops, climate is addressed in a very didactic manner, based on exchanges between participants. The principle: in three fun-packed hours, the workshop provides a better understanding of climate change, through collective intelligence. Any company or local authority that wishes can organise sessions for its employees.