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Pascal Aspe
Runs gardening workshops, « Gardening for all »

Seeds for the future

A biologist by training, Pascal Aspe runs gardening workshops (including for people living in Grenoble who choose to get involved in communal gardens) at the Terre Vivante ecological centre, based in Mens, not far from Grenoble at the foot of the Vercors.

For 40 years now, the Terre Vivante cooperative has been offering practical advice and solutions for incorporating ecology into our day-to-day lives (organic gardening, healthy eating, natural health, well-being, green home, etc.) It also publishes a magazine, Les 4 Saisons, of which Pascal Aspe is one of the editors.

Centre écologique Terre Vivante

City gardening is possible !

« In cities, gardens are often smaller and we don't always have access to the same resources as in the countryside, such as straw, manure, etc. The idea is therefore to adapt the basic principles of organic gardening to the city and show that we can garden everywhere, even in tiny 3m2 spaces, and learn to use local resources and adopt good growing practices », says Pascal Aspe, garden director at the Terre Vivante centre and trainer.