© Auriane Poillet / City of Grenoble

Julien Robillard
Covers the roofs of Grenoble with photovoltaic panels, « Solar roofs for the city of the future »

Preparing for the future

With around 300 members (90% private individuals) and 30 or so volunteers, the group Energ'Y Citoyennes has been installing photovoltaic panels on roofs in Grenoble and the surrounding area since 2016. Notable projects to date: 20 or so solar roofs (on public buildings : a school, a gymnasium, La Belle Electrique concert hall and even a church) and a public car park shelter.

Le collectif Energ'Y Citroyennes

A pioneering organisation

For a minimum investment of €100, members decide together on the use of profits from the sale of electricity to the local network and on the implementation of new projects.