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Jacques Félix Faure
Develops bioclimatic architecture projects, «Sustainable construction materials»

Wooden structure and biosourced materials

With his firm based in Barraux, 30km or so from Grenoble, Jacques Félix Faure is one of the architects of the Haut Bois, a nine-storey building made from a wooden structure and biosourced materials, the inauguration of which is scheduled for 2022 in the new Flaubert ecodistrict of Grenoble.

The Haut Bois, offering social housing for 56 households, was designed according to the principles of the German Passiv Haus method. In fact, it will be the first building on this scale to obtain this energy efficiency label in France.

Jacques Félix Faure has been developing bioclimatic architecture projects using sustainable materials such as wood for years. In particular, he has renovated a number of mountain huts, such as the Aigle and Presset huts.

Thermal comfort without radiators or air-conditioning !

The principle of Haut Bois ? An extremely insulating envelope combined with triple glazing and a dual-flow collective ventilation system to dramatically reduce energy needs and therefore energy bills !

There will therefore be no radiators, heated floors or air-conditioning in the apartments, but a simple dial to ensure the thermal comfort of inhabitants both in winter and summer.