Isabelle Robles
Grows young shoots which she sells to restaurants, «Producing beautiful, healthy things»

Founder of the Mille Pousses farm

Isabelle Robles, an agrifood engineer with a rich and diverse background, recently created the urban social farm Mille Pousses in the Mistral district.

« The production of microshoots is well suited to cities as it uses little space », says this 42-year old inhabitant of Grenoble. « I really like the idea of creating a connection though the satisfaction of working on an ecological project », says Isabelle, who worked for a long time helping farmers abroad, particularly in Latin America, as well as in the Belledonne mountain range.

Mille pousses

The urban farm is open for the sale of vegetables, microshoots and plants every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
7, rue Corot - Grenoble

Producing beautiful, healthy things

Isabelle Robles was drawn to agriculture very early on: « I think its a great job. Producing beautiful, healthy things gives people a feeling of self worth and a sense of meaning to their work. They quickly see the fruits of their labour growing before their very eyes. And these are things that people are going to relish eating. It’s pretty magic, the pleasure that this can give. We produce what is essential: healthy food that tastes good. We deliver locally. The human aspect is very present and the economy in which we operate suits us perfectly ! »