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Gloria Leroy
Offers personal transport services by bike, «Privilégions les mobilités douces et durables»

Soft transport and personal services

Since 2015, Gloria Leroy has been running her little company called "Mon Coursier de Quartier" (My Neighbourhood Courier). With her taxibike, she provides personal transport and delivery services. From bringing children home from school to taking the elderly into the city centre and helping out people with mobility problems, her business was quick to attract customers.

« And it never stops, from Monday to Saturday and sometimes even on Sundays », says the copresident of Boîtes à Vélo Grenoble. « The advantage with the taxibike is that I'm outside and people can see that the service exists and how I can help.»

Mon coursier de quartier

38 trips per week

With an average of 38 trips per week transporting people, the entrepreneur has a full schedule all year round, while keeping a little time free to be able to make deliveries.

She says, « I know there's a gap in the market for personal services in terms of transport for part of the population who are fragile and vulnerable. I knew from the start that there was a demand for transport on a human, local scale. »