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Djazia Brighet
Actively contributes to the development of communal gardens, « Creating a social link in a peaceful environment »

Gardens as a way of creating social connections

Djazia Brighet is very invested in local life in her neighbourhood in the Teisseire district. She has been involved in the La Poterne communal garden for almost 20 years now and has helped to create the 2,500 m2 Aventure orchard, selected by the people of Grenoble for the 2016 Participatory Budget.

In the Teisseire district, between the Raymond-Espagnac and Le Vercors stadiums, is an abandoned plot of land formerly used for recreation by children in the area. A group decided to take over this 2,500 m2 area and transform it into the Aventure orchard. The project was selected by the people of Grenoble as part of the 2016 participatory budget.


A shared space in a pleasant environment

The group has planted 30 fruit trees and sown grass seeds so that in spring, the district's inhabitants can come and walk, read a book or simply pass through. The orchard is now composed of several different spaces: « There are lots of little ideas within this project », says Djazia Brighet, who heads up the initiative along with Clément Brun and Christophe Dupont.