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Bernard Mehl
Puts in place measures to combat food waste, «No to food waste in Isère !»

Ambassador for eating well

Bernard Mehl is head of the satellite kitchen at the Edouard Vaillant middle school in Saint-Martin-d'Hères, in which a number of measures have been set up to reduce food waste (quantities adapted to the appetite of each pupil, lean ordering, etc.), while contributing to waste recycling (sorting, composting, garden, etc.).

Bernard Mehl is one of 870 middle school employees trained and supported in raising pupils' awareness of these issues in a lasting manner, turning them into "ambassadors for eating well" and for combating food waste with regard to their parents and other adults.

The plan to combat food waste

The plan to combat food waste in Isère middle schools was set up in 2015. The goals were to reduce food waste by half, contain the environmental impact of catering, empower and educate pupils as future citizens and valorise school meals.