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Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony in the presence of the French President and Lahti City Council, European Green Capital 2021.

On 8 October 2020, Grenoble City Council won the title of European Green Capital for 2022, taking over from Lahti, the Finnish city that held the title in 2021. To officially mark the transfer, an inauguration ceremony is planned for Saturday 15 January 2022, during which Lahti will hand over to Grenoble the famous “Greenbook”, the symbol of this history of transition that continues to grow year after year, and will mark the beginning of a new page in this history, set in the area of Grenoble.

2022 promises to be an exceptional year, in which we will strive to go beyond what has already been achieved and proposed in terms of transitions. To this end, events on the 15 January will take place in several stages, including a competition based on the 12 themes of the year, time set aside for citizen dialogue, official ceremonies and artistic and festive events.

This day will embody the year to come, addressing various issues for which the challenge is to form a promising and coherent whole. The involvement and participation of everyone in Grenoble and beyond is a significant challenge; the title of European Green Capital promises to be a success if everyone makes the most of it.

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