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The Grenoble CivicLab rewards 4 projects!

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Published on 04/04/2022

Started last November, the Grenoble CivicLab saw the formation of 13 teams who embarked on a long journey to design their solution to the 4 major challenges proposed by the event's partners. After several months of work, each group will present its concept to the public on 14 April. During this evening, the jury will award the 4 prizes to the winning teams.

Designing a city that is better to live in through digital technology, this is the challenge that some fifteen teams have set themselves by participating in the second edition of the Grenoble CivicLab. After 6 months of support, 4 of these projects will be rewarded for their innovative aspect, encouraging citizen involvement.

Grenoble CivicLab is an open and citizen-based innovation support process that provides project teams with a range of local resources to help them develop ideas and move forward to the creation of a prototype for the final competition.

Supporting young people's autonomy via online tools and games, improving public lighting to make it more efficient and reduce its impact, facilitating the reception of foreign students at the university, or helping to reduce waste by better sharing local information on recoverable and reusable material... There is no shortage of ideas for tackling these environmental and social transition issues, thanks to the voluntary investment of working groups within the Grenoble CivicLab.

Bringing together residents, professionals, students and entrepreneurs, the project-groups were freely constituted to advance these ideas through a rhythmic programme. Ideation, barcamp, creation of persona, scripting, pitch, mock-up...

The stages stimulated reflection and collaboration between the participants and led to models or the first prototypes of services that can now be tested.

Financed by the City of Grenoble, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, GreenAlp and the Léo Lagrange Federation, the Grenoble CivicLab also brought together a large number of structures from the Grenoble area. Conceived and run by La Turbine.Coop, all the partners mobilised around this programme to bring their resources to the Grenoble CivicLab: La Casemate, French Tech in the Alps, Grenoble Ecole de Management, La Belle Électrique, IAE.

To discover the projects and meet the teams, come to Grenoble City Hall on Thursday 14 April from 6.30pm!

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