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4th Partner Committee

Published on 10/08/2021

With three months to go before the official inauguration, Grenoble European Green Capital 2022 is gearing up. A website, a communications campaign and a call for participation have all been launched this week to coincide with the 4th Partner Committee, which took place on Thursday 7 October at the Grenoble Palais des Sports.

Grenoble European Green Capital 2022 ready for lift off !

The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in August 2021 launched a call for action on climate, at a time when Grenoble is getting ready to take on the role of European Green Capital 2022. This distinction awarded by the European Commission recognises the proactive policies and concrete actions implemented for a number of years now in the Grenoble area in favour of the environment and the quality of life of inhabitants. This title will place Grenoble in the spotlight next year. The official launch ceremony of Grenoble European Green Capital 2022 will take place on 15 January. With 2022 now in sight, promising a multitude of events, the official website of Grenoble European Green Capital has just been launched, along with a communications campaign.

A call for participation for a shared adventure

All local and regional stakeholders are invited to take part in the adventure. Several options are available. Each participant can take part through concrete actions (the “challenges” of Grenoble European Green Capital, based on the 12 themes structuring the year). It is also possible to propose events for accreditation and inclusion in the programme. A “Coup de Pouce Vert” fund of 2 X €200,000 has even been created to give a helping hand to associations wishing to propose a specific event in the framework of European Green Capital. Applications for the first round of funding are open until 17 November and applicants can expect a response before 24 December 2021.

In effect, this Green Capital year offers a unique opportunity to get everyone in the Grenoble area involved in order to amplify the transitions. Led by the Grenoble City Council and Grenoble-Alpes Metropole, in partnership with the Department of Isère and with the support of the French State and of the European Commission, Grenoble European Green Capital is a unifying project. It involves more than 200 public and private partners, from Grenoble Alpes University to the Regional Natural Parks, including associations, companies, local collectives and a number of municipalities. Around 250 people attended the Grenoble Palais des Sports on Thursday 7 October for the 4th Grenoble European Green Capital Partner Committee.


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