• Antoine Laperche

    Plumber and heating engineer by bike, « Working and travelling by bike »

    "Yes, you can transport a 200-litre water heater by bike," says Antoine Laperche. After four years of criss-crossing the streets of Nantes on a cargo bike with the Nantes-based company Ze Plombier, he launched his own business in Grenoble in the autumn of 2021: "Robi Plomberie".

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  • Bernard Mehl

    Puts in place measures to combat food waste, «No to food waste in Isère !»

    Bernard Mehl is head of the satellite kitchen at the Edouard Vaillant middle school in Saint-Martin-d'Hères, in which a number of measures have been set up to reduce food waste, while contributing to waste recycling.

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  • Djazia Brighet

    Actively contributes to the development of communal gardens, « Creating a social link in a peaceful environment »

    Djazia Brighet is very invested in local life in her neighbourhood in the Teisseire district. She has been involved in the La Poterne communal garden for almost 20 years now and has helped to create the 2,500 m2 Aventure orchard, selected by the people of Grenoble for the 2016 Participatory Budget.

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  • Gloria Leroy

    Offers personal transport services by bike, «Privilégions les mobilités douces et durables»

    Since 2015, Gloria Leroy has been running her little company called "Mon Coursier de Quartier" (My Neighbourhood Courier).

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  • Isabelle Robles

    Grows young shoots which she sells to restaurants, «Producing beautiful, healthy things»

    Isabelle Robles, an agrifood engineer with a rich and diverse background, recently created the urban social farm Mille Pousses in the Mistral district.

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  • Jacques Félix Faure

    Develops bioclimatic architecture projects, «Sustainable construction materials»

    With his firm based in Barraux, 30km or so from Grenoble, Jacques Félix Faure is one of the architects of the Haut Bois, a nine-storey building made from a wooden structure and biosourced materials, the inauguration of which is scheduled for 2022 in the new Flaubert ecodistrict of Grenoble.

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  • Julien Robillard

    Covers the roofs of Grenoble with photovoltaic panels, « Solar roofs for the city of the future »

    With around 300 members (90% private individuals) and 30 or so volunteers, the group Energ'Y Citoyennes has been installing photovoltaic panels on roofs in Grenoble and the surrounding area since 2016.

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  • Loïc Bouffard

    Breathes new life into bikes and other objects and offers courses on the subject, « DIY repairing and recycling »

    Loïc, 34 years old, is an archaeologist with an academic background in geology. Between trips to archaeological sites, he takes park in the collective workshop “La Brico” in Fontaine.

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  • Matthieu Massart

    Organises training courses to better understand the mechanisms of climate change, « Better understanding for better action »

    Matthieu is a teacher and speaker for the Grenoble branch of the association Fresque du Climat. Without around 300 militants, it is the most dynamic local group in the country !

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  • Noël Ozanne & Olivier Bouilliez

    Animators of the Climate Fresk, «Explaining climate change»

    Portrait of Noël Ozanne and Olivier Bouilliez, two members of the Climate Fresk. Together they run workshops at the Université Inter-Âges du Dauphiné on climate change.

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  • Pascal Aspe

    Runs gardening workshops, « Gardening for all »

    A biologist by training, Pascal Aspe runs gardening workshops (including for people living in Grenoble who choose to get involved in communal gardens) at the Terre Vivante ecological centre, based in Mens, not far from Grenoble at the foot of the Vercors.

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