© Jean-Sébastien Faure / City of Grenoble


The sixth report of the GIEC (intergovernmental group of experts on climate change) in August 2021 once again called for urgent action on climate change. Grenoble European Green Capital 2022 represents a unique opportunity to amplify the necessary transitions. Like the Olympic motto, we need to go faster, higher and stronger.

What is a challenge ?

Grenoble’s resolute goal is to inspire other French and European towns, cities and regions with a sustainable urban space, respectful of people and of the environment. The first commitment of Green Grenoble is coherence in its actions with respect to the ecological transition and local resilience.

Faced with climate issues, a challenge is an invitation for all local stakeholders (individuals, companies, public institutions and non-profit organisations) to commit to taking concrete actions on one or more of the 12 themes of European Green Capital 2022.

The partners will commit to their challenges and you can join them by proposing your own challenges during the year of the Green Capital.