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European Green Capital : what is it?

More than two-thirds of Europeans now live in towns and cities. In Grenoble, we think they deserve to live in healthy, attractive and sustainable cities. So does the European Union! “Green Cities Fit for Life” is a European Commission programme that aims to encourage sustainability in European cities of more than 100,000 inhabitants. To this end, each year since 2006 the European Green Capital award has rewarded and promoted a particular city that has distinguished itself by its proactivity and concrete actions in favour of the environment and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Highlighting exemplary behaviour

Winning the title of European Green Capital means obtaining recognition for the city's ambitious vision with regard to the ecological transition. It also means becoming the European Union's ambassador for environmental and social change.

This prize rewards measures taken in the past five to ten years in favour of a sustainable, pleasant and environmentally-friendly city, as well as the ambitions for the next five to ten years.

The prize is awarded following a strict evaluation process based on 12 indicators, including:
• mobility,
• waste management,
• energy efficiency,
• air and water quality,
• the ability to set up partnership governance in the interests of a unifying project.

Promoting vision

The judges’ decision is based on facts, figures and tangible data. The roadmap for the designated municipality must be clearly and resolutely oriented towards the environmental, social and economic transition.

In addition to rewarding past and future achievements, the title of European Green Capital also implies implementation of a programme to encourage exchanges between all European stakeholders committed to transition and promote capacity for action.

Grenoble European Green Capital 2022 will lead the way and share its inspiration.

A network for progress

Since 2010, 12 cities have been awarded the title of European Green Capital: Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Nantes, Copenhagen, Bristol, Ljubljana, Essen, Nijmegen, Oslo, Lisbon and lastly, Lahti, in Finland.

These cities have faced up to environmental challenges with courage and proactivity and now constitute a precious network of experience.

European Green Capital