Happy New Year 2023 !

Grenoble European Green Capital 2022 Agency wishes you all the best for this new year !

Which city will win the title of European Green Capital 2024 ?

Join us on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th October 2022 at the Palais des Sports in Grenoble to celebrate the designation of the European Green Capital 2024 : vertical dance show, interactive exhibition, food trucks...

An exceptional 7th Partners Committee with Rob Hopkins!

You missed the 7th Grenoble European Green Capital Partners Committee and the conference "Let's accelerate the transition" by Rob Hopkins ? This conference is now available in replay!

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They inspire us

Antoine Laperche, Grenoble, Plumber and heating engineer by bike

"Yes, you can transport a 200-litre water heater by bike," says Antoine Laperche. After four years of criss-crossing the streets of Nantes on a cargo bike with the Nantes-based company Ze Plombier, he launched his own business in Grenoble in the autumn of 2021: "Robi Plomberie".

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They support us

"The current pandemic has served to highlight certain contradictions in our system and in our economic organisation, such as climate change and inequality. We must value more what is really important: people, life, health and public services. [...] Grenoble is an example and a reference when it comes to what a committed city should be."

Ada Colau , Mayor of Barcelona

"I would like to congratulate Grenoble for winning the title of European Green Capital 2022. We must not forget that to bring about structural change, we need to support our populations in these changes to enable each individual to adapt to the city we all want. A city that is fair, equitable, healthy and accessible to all."

Susan Brown , Mayor of Oxford, England

"We all need to think about the model of society we want and must all contribute to this movement for improvement. "

Miguel Pinto Luz , Mayor of Cascais and Vice President of the Lisbon regional tourism body

"From 2022 onwards, our two cities will both have held the title of “European Green Capital”. It is a reward both our cities can be proud of. It is also proof that the transition is working and, what is more, at the European level. The title of European Green Capital is also a promise for the future to continue developing the green transition and finding smart solutions."

Thomas Kufen , Mayor of Essen

"The health crisis has raised some clear questions for our society [...]. Despite the difficulties, it has also provided us with the opportunity to rebuild a better future in which our societies and our economies respect the planet’s limitations and become more resilient."

Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner

"I praise Grenoble for obtaining the title of Green Capital of Europe. This recognition, [...] is an invitation to go further and implement the change in model and in scale in concrete terms. With a single guiding principle: ecological justice and social urgency. And a single time frame: concrete action, every day."

Johanna Rolland , Mayor of Nantes

"The main thing is to change our food and farming model today. It is disastrous both for animals and for the environment. The key is to design together a fairer world for all, including animals."

Brigitte Gothière , Cofounder of the L214 association